Cupcakes with blueberry compote filling.

There are a few different parts to these cupcakes and I’ll teach you how to do them all. Check out the blueberry compote recipe to learn how to make this delicious filling. And the cream cheese frosting recipe to learn how to take a good cupcake to a great one! For the base of theseContinue reading “Cupcakes with blueberry compote filling.”

Creamcheese icing

To make this all you need is 8oz cream cheese (softened) 8 TBL spoons of butter (softened) 3 cups powdered sugar Vanilla extract 1 TBL spoon It is important that your cream cheese and butter are softened for this. Once they are all you need to do is Combine cream cheese and butter using aContinue reading “Creamcheese icing”