Creamcheese icing

To make this all you need is 8oz cream cheese (softened) 8 TBL spoons of butter (softened) 3 cups powdered sugar Vanilla extract 1 TBL spoon It is important that your cream cheese and butter are softened for this. Once they are all you need to do is Combine cream cheese and butter using aContinue reading “Creamcheese icing”

Blueberry compote

Blueberry compote sounds fancy right? Wrong this stuff is so simple to make it’s bananas! Or blueberries I guess. Ingredients blueberries 1 cup Sugar 4-6 tablespoons (I did 6) Lemon juice 2 tablespoons or 1 lemon Pinch of salt! I normally put my blueberries in first but I honestly don’t think it matters. Turn yourContinue reading “Blueberry compote”

Better than pumpkin pie.

As promised I opened the box from tasty. I got these absolutely delicious pumpkin spice and everything nice cookies. They came with the cake mix and some icing mix. Only minimal ingredients needed on my end. I want to start with saying that I am not sponsored by them. I just saw an ad andContinue reading “Better than pumpkin pie.”

The best apple pie.

Only 5 ingredients!!! This pie is moist, full of flavor and definitely going to become a favorite for you. And can easily be vegan friendly. Ingredients for deliciousness 3-4 medium sized granny Smith apples 1 refrigerated pie crust 3/4 a cup of sugar 2 table spoons of sugar 1 cup of heavy whipping cream InstructionsContinue reading “The best apple pie.”