Blueberry compote

Blueberry compote sounds fancy right? Wrong this stuff is so simple to make it’s bananas! Or blueberries I guess. Ingredients blueberries 1 cup Sugar 4-6 tablespoons (I did 6) Lemon juice 2 tablespoons or 1 lemon Pinch of salt! I normally put my blueberries in first but I honestly don’t think it matters. Turn yourContinue reading “Blueberry compote”

We like fruity drinks round here.

Look we all know the stigma behind fruity drinks. I’m here to tell you that they taste delicious and beer tastes like dirt. I’m not sorry. Personally I’m a big peach guy. So when Crown Royal releases their peach flavor I am all over it. Here’s my favorite drink 1.5oz peach Crown Royal 1.5 ozContinue reading “We like fruity drinks round here.”

The best apple pie.

Only 5 ingredients!!! This pie is moist, full of flavor and definitely going to become a favorite for you. And can easily be vegan friendly. Ingredients for deliciousness 3-4 medium sized granny Smith apples 1 refrigerated pie crust 3/4 a cup of sugar 2 table spoons of sugar 1 cup of heavy whipping cream InstructionsContinue reading “The best apple pie.”